Donorpoint allows donations to be made at any location where there is a 13amp power supply. A high quality 15" screen attracts donors by showing a series of screens one after the other in a continuous loop, at a rate determined by you. The screens can contain any mixture of words and images and attract people, giving you a perfect opportunity to make your appeal and persuade them to donate.
If the screen is touched at any point during the display it changes to a screen which gives them options on what they want to do next. Along with the background words/images, you can decide how many "buttons" to have on the screen. Each button suggests a different action – for example, donate to a variety of appeals (for all appeals the money is collected to the same bank account, but the reports you receive show which fund the money was given to), enter contact details, become a member and more.
DonorPoint uses mobile Chip and Pin technology, processing Credit or Debit Cards with complete security in only a few seconds. It runs unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


DonorPoint is made up of two simple components:
- A 15" touch screen and computer combined
- A high quality fast printer
These can be placed in any design with total flexibility


You have complete control of the size, font and placing of the buttons on the screen, and also the words on the buttons. The screens and buttons are controlled by images and settings stored on a standard USB Memory stick. These can easily be changed using any computer and previewed using the Donorpoint Preview software. The design and images can be done by yourselves, or provided for you by Wild Yeast.

Instant screen setup and change

One of the advantages of this approach is that different settings and images can be stored on different USB Memory sticks, so simply changing the stick by unlocking a front panel and swapping it out, changes the settings immediately.

Subsequent screens

There are a series of screens for processing the donation that have been proven over four years of Donorpoint collecting thousands of donations with Gift Aid. They are fully configurable including images, font colour and words. The data collection method has been approved by the HMRC as constituting a valid Gift Aid audit trail and reporting system. You receive weekly schedules of all donations with the complete name and address information for all gift-aided donations – typically over 65%.
Click to view example screens

Location and use:

A Donorpoint is like a traditional Collecting Box, in that it needs to be placed where the most people will use it to make donations! It can be mounted on a wall or shelf or it can be supplied with a sturdy metal stand.
Along with a receipt, the Donorpoint can also print a Voucher which can be used to offer:
a. Information e.g. a Website address
b. A free item – such as a postcard or trinket
c. A money-off voucher to be spent in the restaurant or gift shop.

Secure, easy to use and always available

No money is stored in the Donorpoint and no card details are stored in the machine. It is totally secure and has been fully approved by the banks. It enables you to collect donations with confidence at all times.